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Goan Sausage pulao|one pot meals

When it comes to cooking I am a firm believer of the Nigela Lawson School of cooking, if there is an easy way of doing it, I shall find a way. And good tasty food doesn’t mean one has to slave over the stove whole day! And it’s that time of the year, when typically house helps in Mumbai, go for their summer vacations. Which means my cook will be missing in action for a month, and I will be doing all the cooking. And that’s when one pot meals come in handy. They are easy to make and less dishes to do at the end of the day.

Recently I met an old classmate of mine from my B school days in London, and she mentioned that she finds cooking a mighty pain and I suggested starting with one pot dishes. They are easier and slowly you start getting the hang of it. And cooking doesn’t seem like such a chore anymore. My standard way of starting to cook is to first check what’s in the pantry and then start cooking, and not the other way of planning to cook and then buying the ingredients. There have been days I am so lazy to go to the market that I Google recipes for the only two ingredients I have left in the pantry. I know nigela would be proud of me!!

So what’s in the pantry today, a packet of goan sausage! I could probably try making a goan chilly fry with pao or maybe the goan sausage pulao. But since the man of the house is not too fond of the pungent smell and taste, a recipe which tones down the strong taste will appeal to him more; so Goan sausage pulao it is. So if you are familiar with this delicacy from Goa, you would know that this sausage spiced with vinegar, garlic, ginger, red chilies and other spices is one of a kind and I am yet to taste a similar sausage in any other part of the world. It’s usually made of pork and sun dried or smoked.

Goan Sausage

Whenever I cook at home traditional recipes I always try to find ways of making a healthier version, so in my pulao I have used brown rice and used a chicken version of the goan sausage. You are welcome to use any fragrant rice and the authentic pork version of the sausage. Either ways I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Recipe-Goan Sausage Pulao



Brown Rice-one and a half cups

One packet goan sausage (usually 250 gms) (I have used the Zorabian chicken goan sausage)

Two medium onions sliced

Two tomatoes chopped

4-5 garlic cloves finely chopped

3 green chilies split lengthwise

1tsp turmeric powder

2 tbsps oil

Pinch of sugar

Salt to taste

Whole spices

3 cloves

3-4 peppercorns

2 inch cinnamon stick

1 bay leaf

Cardamom (two)

1 tsp Cumin seeds


Some caramelized onions & fresh coriander leaves



Clean & soak the rice for ten minutes, meanwhile split open the casings of the sausage and take out the meat inside to be used later.

In a pressure cooker, heat the oil and let the whole spices crackle. Add the garlic and the green chilies; once they are aromatic you can add the onions. Meanwhile in a frying pan you can take the remaining oil and put some additional sliced onions about 4 to 5 for garnishing, it takes a while and it’s good to start. I usually use a non stick frying pan to reduce the amount of oil, and add a bit of salt to speed up the caramelizing process.

One the onions in the pressure cooker are brown, add the tomatoes with the turmeric. Let them cook till they become absolutely soft, add the sausage meat at this point and cook till you see the fat melting and delicious aroma of the meat is wafting in your kitchen.

Add the rice, with a bit of water and salt and sugar and mix gently. Do not add too much water as you do not want the rice to turn soggy. Once cooked open the cooker, let the steam come out, garnish with the caramelized onions & the coriander leaves.





Spice up your life|bringing turkey home

Spice Market|Grand Bazaar; Turkey

Traveling is a passion and the thing that I most look forward to when I travel is too roam the local markets and discover the hidden treasures. Buy souvenirs for friends and bring back memories from the travels which last beyond the journey. So as a habit before I travel I definitely scour the internet to understand which are the definite buys from the country I plan to visit.

While I was doing research for the trip before turkey, I discovered that the country is well known for its spices and particularly for a kind of red pepper unique to the country. Red pepper which is flaky in texture; intense red or orange in color and is also known as pul biber. It’s a pepper which without burning your palate gives a unique color and flavor to the food. It has a unique aroma, with a touch of saltiness (as salt is used while drying) and raisin like flavor. It can be used in place of red pepper or paprika.


So the mandatory trip to Grand bazaar was made (in my case multiple times), made easier by the fact that we were living right next to it. Nothing you might have read or heard about it really prepares you for the sight that this bazaar is! Even if you are a person who generally dislikes crowded places, which I must confess I am, cannot help but enjoy the spirit of this centuries old bazaar. I was mesmerized, hooked and enjoyed myself thoroughly bargaining with the shopkeepers.

So coming back to home I was desperately looking for ways to incorporate this exotic spice that I had brought back. I just didn’t want to substitute it into any other recipe for red pepper. Easier choice would have been to try and make a kebab of sort like the locals, but I am recently trying to eat healthy and was looking for such an option.

I finally found the Moroccan carrot & beet grated salad from ( Moroccan Grated Carrot and Beet Salad )as the perfect platform to try out this exotic spice. I just simply substituted the paprika in the recipe with the pul biber. I have never had a more flavorful salad and also a very tasty way to incorporate beets into my diet. Please find the recipe below:


Moroccan grated carrot & beet Salad


  1. Two cups carrots(grated)
  2. 1 cup beet(grated)
  3. ½ cup raisins
  4. ½ teaspoon pul biber(or paprika)
  5. ¼ tsp ground cumin
  6. ¼ tsp ground cinnamon
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Pinch of cayenne
  9. 2tbsps lemon juice
  10. 2tsps honey
  11. 2 tbsps mint leaves (optional)


Wash the grated beets gently under water to remove the excess color. Remove the excess water and mix with the carrots & raisins. In a small bowl mix together the balance ingredients to prepare your dressing and mix gently with the carrot & beet mixture. Rest the mixture for an hour to let the dressing blend in well. Blend in the mint leaves last before serving, however I choose to skip it, it’s up to you to use it or not. Serve chilled.


Moroccon Carrot & beet grated Salad

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