You know what I really enjoy in my travels through Europe, the amazing variety of salads in the menu, using fresh local produce. Eating healthy and clean has never been easier. Unfortunately my salad making skills were limited to mixing cucumber, onion and tomatoes together in a lime dressing, what in India we call kuchumber; nice but everyone gets bored with the same old! So I have been consciously trying to make new and fresh salads everyday at home, so eating clean doesn’t have to mean travelling to Europe!! 🙂 So in the  next few blogs I will share with you all the new salads that I have been attempting to make. And today we will start with the most simplest of them all, I like to call the crunchy green salad.

This kind of salad can be a great accompaniment to any meal, as a side; or add a protein like chicken or smoked salmon and you can make it a main too. It totally depends on what you are in the mood for; I am just equipping you with the basics, like the building blocks of a great salad.

I have used a mix of greens, like arugula, different kinds of lettuce, rocket and some purple cabbage leaves, as the base, you can choose any you like. Do remember to wash them well, dry with a kitchen cloth and tear them to bite size.

The secret to a good salad, and especially my crunchy green salad is some nuts to add the crunch element, and I have used some candied walnuts; you can use  roasted walnuts or roasted pine nuts for that additional zing to a simple salad. However I would recommend trying the candied walnuts, it takes the salad to another level. For how to make candied walnuts click here.

Crunchy Green Salad


100 gms of mixed greens

Finely shredded carrots

Candied walnuts

Handful mint or basil

Salt and pepper for taste

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp cider vinegar

½ tsp honey

Grated parmesan shavings

Crunchy Green Salad


First  start by making the dressing, slowly pour the oil in the vinegar and blend in, add the honey. I usually add the salt and pepper after putting in the greens; you can add the salt to the dressing and taste it before proceeding.

Blend the vegetables with the dressing add the herbs, and finally the nuts and the cheese just before serving. Crunchy green salad is ready to be devoured.