Goa … evokes beaches, sun, sand and food……..gorgeous, tasty food. First time I went to Goa, I tasted the local food and I was hooked. It was unlike anything I had eaten before, and the inspite of the countless times I have travelled to Goa, I  never tire of sampling the local cuisine. I had earlier shared with all of you in the blog the recipe for Goan Sausage pulao. Today I will share another quickie recipe that you can make with Goan sausages; Goan Sausage Fry served with pav.

People in Mumbai are familiar with the ever ubiquitous “Pav” bread. Mostly found in the western part of India like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa, very few people know that the origin of the Pav is Portuguese. And it is from Goa that Pav travelled to Mumbai and became a staple of the city’s food scene. When the Portuguese landed in India, they needed bread for their Holy Communion and since yeast wasn’t easily available a few drops of toddy was used to ferment the dough. We might as well thank the portuguese for this dish!!

The dish is easy to make, and a few ingredients is all you need. Goa sausages are very spicy, and the potatoes in the dish are the perfect counterfoil to it to absorb the oil and spice and balance the dish.


Goan Sausages 250 gms (I use the Zorabian Goan Chicken sausages)

Two medium sized potatoes

Two onions sliced

One red capsicum sliced lengthwise finely

2 green chillies split lengthwise

One tablespoon vinegar

Salt and black pepper for taste

Garlic two to three cloves finely chopped

Olive oil


First remove the sausage casings and take out the meat from inside and set aside. Heat the olive oil in a skillet and add the garlic and green chillies fry till fragrant.

Add the onions and fry till they start losing their colour, then add the set aside sausage. Fry for some time, the oil which is released from the sausage is where the flavour is and it will ensure that the dish with minimum ingredients will still taste divine; hence it is advisable to start with maybe one tsp of oil in the beginning. Meanwhile dice the potatoes in cubes and add to the mixture. Fry the potatoes for some time, then add some water so the potatoes get cooked well. Add the salt and pepper and the vinegar.

Cover the pan and when the potatoes are half done add the capsicum. Let the water evaporate mostly, so that you are left with a semi dry mixture. Serve with pav bread.

Goan Suasage Fry

Goan Suasage Fry