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I hear a constant refrain from people, I don’t have time, I’m too busy to do this or that. Often the excuses are for something as mundane as a get together for old friends.  The truth is we are slaves of our routine. Get up in the morning ; a hurried breakfast and off one goes to slog it out in the corporate rate race. When its time to come back home,its too late to do anything apart from a hurried drink in the local pub or a quick pizza delivered home. One may ask what did I miss? Isnt that what everyones life is today?

Yes thats what life has become today, hurried lives and then a quick vacation in between…..and the cycle continues. Recently I read somewhere that what if we lived our life like we were on a vacation always, how would that be? Sounds magical isnt it? I know its not always possible and seems a distant reality, but its never too late to try.

From today, I would like to endevour to undertake a journey where everyday i would try and do something different and new, I refuse to fit my life into a routine, this blog is a digital record of this journey. My journey to live my life like its a long vacation, and im supposed to have fun everyday. Amen to that…..

Hello world!

A new beginning soon….

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